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beg my pardon because i no this is a silly question but you seem spiritual so yeah lol do u think dylan/eric are aware of their following from other side ? do u think they would care and appreciate ? even watch over some of us ? i sometimes get the feeling of a presence around me when i am thinking of them, idk i must sound real crazy but yeah

I think I’ve yet to see a really silly question, to be honest with you. ;) And, yes, I’m a pretty spiritual person!

I’m quite certain that they are aware of their following. Whether it’s the following they thought they’d have is another story in its entirety, though, haha. I think that they’re touched by the fact they’re not forgotten. The original plan, of course, was to ‘kickstart a revolution’ and get lots of people following in their footsteps.. I think they know better than that, now, and maybe there’s a small appreciation in them these days for the fact that most of us Columbiners know better than to do what they did. ;) (Just came to mind.. we’re not the following they wanted, but we are the following they needed. Whatever the hell that means, I guess.)

I don’t think you sound crazy at all. =) I’ve spoken with a lot of Columbiners over the course of time and almost all of them mentioned feeling presences, sensing the boys, stuff like that. I think they’re invested in our wellbeing to some extent. I can see Dylan sit quietly with some of us when we’re having a rough time and want nothing else than death. I can see Eric get angry on our behalves, even, when people treat us like crap and we get down in the dumps because of it. (I hear a very clear “that’s our girls you’re messing with, you worthless piece of crap!”, haha. I think the boys may not always appreciate some of the stuff we come out with, but we’re still ‘their people’ worth defending and being there for.) So, yeah, in short.. I do think they’re watching over us. That they’re aware of us at the very least, you know?

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